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Aug 12th, 2017

In life, people always talk about how if you give, it comes back to you.

It’s kind of this blind bet on karma and assuming that if you say, do an act of selflessness, then when you find $20, that is “karma coming back.”

That’s hard to believe in because we know that $20 is really just random chance.

However, sometimes, it is pretty clear that selfless X led to self win Y.

This last June I set up a meeting with Gary Vaynerchuk, a mega celebrity entrepreneur in NYC. It was a huge deal and I was probably going to end up on his YouTube show (which I did).

At the time of the meeting, I was visiting New York with a close friend of mine. He loved Gary Vaynerchuk too. While the meeting was set to be only 5 minutes and only booked for me, my gut knew I could bring my friend and all would be well.

I was at a crossroads. This was something I schemed and planned for 9 months and the selfish part of me wanted all of the glory. The other part of me said to invite my friend and to share the glory.

I thought about it for a while and decided to invite my friend. It seemed right.

As many American rappers say, “I ain’t winnin’ unless my whole team is winnin’.”

I invited my friend and karma was immediately served back at me, in a good way.

Apparently, my friend also had a meeting that morning with a next level NYC entrepreneur. Ecstatic, he reciprocated and invited me to join him in that meeting.

Attending that meeting, I happened to hit it off with this entrepreneur, we stayed in touch and he’s since invited me to join him on an absolutely ground-shattering project as a founding member.

I’ll never forget the decision I made to invite my friend to see Gary Vaynerchuk. Not only was it way more fun with someone else, but its a clear testament to what happens when you give first.

I hope this story comes to mind next you have the opportunity to share.

It sounds cheesy, but everyone wins.


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