You have to know what you want

You have to know what you want

I quit the job a lot of people would want. It didn't make sense for me. The origins of this decision to leave were rooted deep in long-term realizations about what I wanted. When I took the job, I kind of knew what I wanted, but I didn't trust my gut.

I also had never written out what I wanted with the clarity of a clear blue sky.

After speaking with a variety of mentors I have, I sat down to articulate who I am and what I want in one place in a concise manner. And if you know me, I have to work hard to make shit concise.

The purpose of this article is to share the blueprint I made for myself for others to make their own. I was only able to build this blueprint after a mentor showed me his.

It's been game changing

What my blueprint includes so you can make your own:

  • "My craft": Knowing your craft helps ensure you only end up in places that support your developing of the craft. This is what you love doing day to day.
  • "My purpose": My purpose is why you get up. Liking art isn't enough, what message do you want to be heard? This is the change you want to see in the world. Your craft is just the toolbox, your purpose is the house you are building.
  • "My approach": My approach is your strategy on how you intend to meld your craft and purpose to maximize your impact in life. This is the life-long strategy. When you read mine, this section will make more sense.
  • Work values: Work values are all of the things that you value in a job. These are the things you are unforgiving on in work. If one of these values are not met, you will not be content and therefore you should not do the work. Simple as that. If you need freedom in your work, that's a value. Write it down, never give that up.
  • Personal values: An articulate map of what you value in life. After deep reflection, these are the things you need to be happy. You have to consider these in where you live, who you meet and the jobs you take. These personal values must be fulfilled. These change throughout life, so don't overthink it. Just think, what do you need, right now.
  • 3 Year Success Statement: This doesn't mean write about your Ferrari. Sure, go for it if you really need to write that down, but this is all about the person you are. Write about how you feel when you wake up. The people you know. The type of things you value three years from now.

Without further ado:



The intent of these writings is to serve as a reminder for what I most value, for who I am in my most true form and as a general reference point and constitution to how I make decisions



  • In my craft, I am defined by two things. Communication and the design of systems.

  • Communication. Taking a message and bringing it to a persons through the means of creative delivery is what I do. Everything that communicates is my field and domain of mastery.

  • I’ve mastered the art of communicating visually through the camera, with an expertise in capturing people, events and human life

  • I have mastered writing and the various forms it takes for its ubiquity and power. I have mastered structured essays for thoughtful explanations. I have woven myself into poetry mastering it’s brevity, emotion, mystery, and power.

  • I’ve mastered video allowing me to capture an experience and transport my audience to the scene.

  • I have mastered experience design and event hosting to truly realize collaboration, communication and extended intimacy for communities.

  • I am defined by close relationships. Bringing people to close to myself. Close to brands. Close to their associates. I aspire to bring collectiveness of our society with the ultimate motivation being the universal, global tribe.

  • The design of systems. I am massively adept at the discovery of and creation of systems. At work, home, play, lunch, on planes and even buying gum, the gears of my mind work to understand the underlying design of the world giving me the knowledge to apply and create anywhere I go.


The problem I am obsessed with:

As of now, there are two defining directions that bring me immense meaning. First, ensuring the longevity and existence of our species. Second to ensure that the most people live a life of the highest quality capable.

  • Existence: Looking at the code of the universe (biology, physics, psychology) I have drawn conclusions that the first most critical purpose for humans (and any species) is to survive. The universe tells us that this should then, first, be our base level inspiration in where we allocate our time and resources, and so too have I. Based on the implications of the problems we face, I find that what is most important isn't so much the immediate survival, but the prevention and foundation to the century long challenges we face. This is my first most defining motivation in life.

  • Improvement: By deeply existing, we are then faced with the challenge of "now what?" So we exist, now we live. What is to live but the present moment. The only choice after existence is to second ensure it is of the most quality. A quality life, to me, is based within our mind. Suggestively, what most drives quality of life is how we think. So my second greatest motivation is to improve the thinking and ways of thinking by the greatest number of people. In a more specific context, a quality life, is that of a polymath. Well-rounded. Full of culture, full of service driven effectiveness, full of physical fitness, rich relationships, and knowledge.


My approach:

  • When considering my craft and when secondly considering the problems I am most passionate about, my strategy to life is to enable the leaders, problem solvers and creators within the relevant trades. This is to enable them, connect them and to ensure they are most effective. They are the doers. They are the ground-level problem solvers who have not invested energies into creating a voice, learning to master communication and connection. For me, I am the bridge to their resources and needs. I am the megaphone to their stories, achievements and warning calls.


Work Values:

  • Autonomy - I control an operating entity. As part of a larger entity, I lead the strategy, execution and results of a system where I have creative freedom to try, build, create, fail and thrive. I am subject to specific goals and results, but I control entire entities and have full freedom in reaching those.

  • Host - As a host, I bring people together both in digital and physical communities focused on the delivering and simplification of new thought and personal effectiveness in both life and career.

  • Apprentice - I am surrounded by a world class team that help me better learn communication, business acumen, life effectiveness and how to deconstruct the complex systems of the universe.

  • Intensity - I am in an environment where the goals are lofty and the sacrifice is large. I am encouraged by my team to finish the meeting today, not tomorrow. Me, and we, have the pressure of massive implications to bring our service to life for the good our society.

  • Prosperity - My income affords me the freedom to have my own bedroom, to live a neighborhood of calm and security. I have the financial freedom to buy drinks without worry.


Personal Values:

  • Creative - I have a healthy dose of creative expression in my life. Dancing, poetry, and music allow me to associate and give.

  • Serenity - I enjoy an environment outside of work that is peaceful, quiet and untroubled.

  • Accepting - I am present and do not polarize events. There is no right or wrong. There is. I do and the world happens. I trust in my gut and values to create a beautiful happening.

  • Order - I live in a home with predictable appliances. I have a routine that both offers effectiveness and freedom. My home has dishes where they normally are. I am free to cook when I want to. I have a bedroom with space for my hobbies.

  • Nature - I experience the outdoors on a consistent basis giving me solitude with the environment. I disconnect from city hustle and bustle and find nature in silence. I live in a home with windows. I live near a park. I let myself explore running, biking, hiking, sailing.

  • Intimacy - I experience closeness in my friendships. I make time for dating, calling family, friends and new adventures with my tribe.



I have established myself as a notable writer for the discovery of system trends and simple explanations that drive effective living for people of all ages looking to live with more quality. I have a loyal tribe and audience that follows me to any organization or platform. I encourage them to reach their potential, to become creators and to support the solving of the world’s problems. I give them attention, I listen to them and build real relationships on a global scale.

I am driving the connectivity of the planet's people. I stand for the global tribe.

I have lived a beautiful life the last three years. I apprenticed myself under world-class leaders, problems solvers, and thinkers. I understand complex systems such as public policy, health care, economics and innovation to an equal level of a global leader.

I have produced world class results for this team by showing up consistently. I used all of my creative energies to find masterful solutions to the strange challenges I faced. I work effectively balancing Pareto's principle. I prioritize and cut out what

I have made sacrifices but maintained my relationships to my closest friends. I have enjoyed hobbies that keep me fit, healthy and challenged in all facets of life. I have maintained an emphasis on trusting my gut which allows me to trust in the process and accept life happenings. I have the confidence to be nonchalant and to speak up. I move, act and speak with clear articulation. I move with precision. I speak with clarity and I am easy to follow. I am cheerful and humble.

As of now, there are two defining directions that bring me immense meaning. First, ensuring the longevity and existence of our species. Second to ensure that the most people live a life of the highest quality capable.

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