A Snapshot to my Philosophy

I recently began jotting down intricate thoughts of mine that arguably fit within the realm of philosophy. Having always been a man who valued thinking, I began to think in my last few years I was wasting time, daydreaming as some would say. Thankfully, as of the last year, I have been able to gain confidence in my time management and give myself the time I deserve.

Even more so I have learned to reap the benefits of my thoughts by bringing them to fruition through writing and other crafts. Coincidentally, I have decided during one of my thought sessions to share a few of the worldly insights I have gained on here. 

Cracking the code to politics:

"Politics enforces a system in which candidates must run as individuals requiring them to take part in the act of marketing and selling themselves. To achieve victory, one must be a master of sales. Whereas comparatively in business you will notice the greatest of all businesses were conceived in the moment a wondrous salesman met a technical savant. This leads me to believe politics is broken because our most powerful positions in government are given away to winners of a solo campaign. If all politics were run on a partnership basis, where the winning teams placed into our government would be duos who have one technical savant, actually solving problems and one master salesmen, selling their solutions, we would find much stronger concepting and progress in our policies."

Undiscovered innovation:

"Opportunity lies within industries where the technologically gifted do not reside. All industries have equal space for innovation but certain industries lack the minds to identify the opportunity."

On memories:

"The ability to recall something is not based on how long it has been since an event but rather how strong your emotions were in that event. You do not choose what you remember, your brain generates impressions based on how great the flood of emotions were at the time. "

Just a look inside my mind. These thoughts are nothing revolutionary but I believe worth sharing.


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