Speaking Engagements

My theory, The Opposite Effect - TEDx RVA open mic night

On February 24th I spoke at the TEDx RVA open mic night where I discussed a new to world theory of mine that I call, The Opposite Effect.

A short summary of the opposite effect is simple. The world is full of noise. If you or your company wants to stick out figure out what every single person in your industry is doing the exact same, and do the opposite.

Why did water in boxes make headlines? Because everyone else used plastic.

Why does Donald Trump make headlines? Because he says things no other candidate will.

They do the opposite. If you want to stick out, do the opposite.

TEDx RVA Submission Video - Consumption:Production Ratio

Early this spring (2016) I wrote up an 18 minute speech about a conscious ratio to life that will enable users to live life to much more engaging levels. The consumption:production ratio (C:P ratio) suggests that users look much more closely as their day to day tasks and pegs a question.

If you have dreams of building something great, the only day it is going to get done is today, so before you go to bed, hold yourself accountable and ask, did I consume more or produce more today?

The idea is the that those who achieve the high levels of self-actualization that many aspire to are the ones BUILDING, aka producing, great work. They have stopped the trends of consuming content, waiting to be an expert before they even start.

The mission of the speech is to jump start those who do not think their ready and to wake up and start building something.

That's what I did and now I have an 18 minute speech to give.