I share my adventures, failures and greatest discoveries here. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll maybe think a little differently.

I write because everything hasn't been said.

Sometimes I learn things and just think, "god damn, everyone needs to know this." That's why I write. That's why I create.

The world is full of flaws and silly structures. Our societies, our cars and our systems fascinate and fumble. I love the flaws. They give me something to do. I love the people, they're so crazy.

I'm humbled by Walt Whitman's quote. You can see it in the footer of the website.

We are so tiny. But we have a role to play.

The show won't be the same without us.

What's my role?

Me at 16. I was tall and had totally mastered wearing big shirts. 

Me at 16. I was tall and had totally mastered wearing big shirts. 

When I was 16, I weighed 300 lbs and every report card in school had a note about how shy I was. By my Senior year I had lost 100 lbs and trained myself to be a confident person.

By 19,  I was elected president to run a fraternity in college as a sophomore. After being President, I once again had to redefine myself as I had let myself get lost in a culture of validation after having been overweight and insignificant for so so long.

At 23, I moved to San Francisco with no job and no house from a school no one has heard of to try and do something impactful.

After landing a job in 3 months, I spiraled into a 7 month depression? I don't know what it was. But it was 7 months and it was a really intense experience. I experienced ego-death to the fullest extent. I grew my mind massively.

Today, I work harder than ever to play role a member of the human community.

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Projects I am working on


Starting a Marketing Department @ SherpaDesk

  • I joined SherpaDesk in late 2016 as the first and only marketer.
  • They are three years old and profitable. A rare sighting in the startup world. I have been handed the torch to prove growth for the team as we look to raise capital mid 2017.

Writing for

  • I have started contributing my work to as I believe in their mission of assisting people in conquering their life.

Writing & Community @ Startup Grind

  • I am contributing via writing & video to Startup Grind, the global hub for startup founders to learn. I additionally work with all of our global contributors. See my contributions here

  • Startup Grind reaches over 1 million entrepreneurs a month and runs monthly events in 220 cities around the world.


Old Projects

The Burrito Kickstand + Tortilla Revolution (Patent Pending)

  • For burrito lovers everywhere who struggle every day to find a place to set down their burrito. The Burrito Kickstand looks to provide a convenient, sanitary solution to your burrito eating woes, giving you the ultimate burrito experience.
  • The Burrito Kickstand was in consumer testing with Tablecraft Product Company, a global leader in restaurant solutions until later rejected based on slow adoption.
  • The "Tortilla Revolution" was a tortilla with a flap to help hold it together as burritos tend to fall apart in the final 1/3.
    • These ideas were tabled for obvious reasons in 2016 :-)