Social Experiments/Challenges



90-Days Sober

Entering 2017 I made a goal to go 90 days sober from the beginning of the year (rung in 2017 sober) until April 1st, the date of a Spartan Race. 

  • 1.17.2017
    • Dating sober sucks real bad
  • 3.08.2017
    • I honestly don't mind the absence of alcohol at all but red wine is an old friend whom I miss dearly. This has also seemingly turned into 90 days of not dating. Lol.
  • 4.03.2017
    • Completed


One Year of Cold Showers

Starting in Mid-November 2016 I started taking cold showers as an experiment to optimize my day. Entering 2017 I decided to commit to it for the whole year.

  • A chilling how-to video on cold showers
  • What Science says about Cold Showers
  • 1.17.2017
    • Getting pretty sick of the cold showers. I have started to skip showering sometimes to avoid the cold shower but also avoid not following through.
  • 3.08.2017
    • Yep. Definitely still sick of these. I frequently stare at the cold water for 5 minutes before getting in. It's not so bad once you are in there, really. 
  • 5.03.2017
    • Over it



15-Day Rejection Challenge

The 15 Day Rejection Challenge was an experimental challenge I had done inspired by Jia Jiang, who did the challenge for 100 days. The core idea is to learn rejection isn't so bad and that surprisingly, you can get a lot of things when you just ask.

30-Days No Coffee

Began on February 1st. Completed March 1st.