Why the Experts Use Facebook Video to Build Their Personal Brand

Why the Experts Use Facebook Video to Build Their Personal Brand

I had the incredible pleasure of attending this year's Growth Marketing Conference in San Jose, CA. 

All of the experts were there spouting knowledge and sharing all they know. The secrets, the tricks, the mindset and so forth.

In attendance, you had the total marketing lineup. Neil Patel, Sean Ellis, Rand Fishkin, Guy Marion, Ben Parr, Lars Lofgren, Dennis Yu and so many more!

I highly recommend buddying up with someone who attended this because much of the conference is recorded and it was MONEY!

Anyways, one of the most notable speakers was Dennis Yu, CTO of Blitzmetrics. Dennis took the conference by storm when he outlined the value of Facebook Video ads and a few other strategies to capitalize on using them for a low dollar amount.

Before we dive in, it should be established Dennis isn't the only expert bullish on Facebook Video. Marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk has also been an advocate about the conversion rates and reach of these ads, loudly pushing it at the Inbound marketing conference in Boston this year.

So, why do they love Facebook video so much?

1. Video Gives High-Quality Engagement

Photos and general text posts online do decently well. However, it is very well known that to get a post to reach its highest conversion point, you must attach an image.

We can all sit here and lie to ourselves that the image now makes everyone read our post.

Or we can be realistic and address the fact that a nice image receives higher engagement because it is an image. People click the like button and scroll right by what we actually wrote.

So while the numbers look great, what is this doing for your personal brand?

The answer is not much.

A personal brand needs engagement that resonates with your audience.

This is what makes a video so powerful. With a well put together piece, 10 seconds is enough to tell an entire story.

Additionally, when it comes to the numbers, Facebook provides data that shows you how many people watched the entire video.

With a well-crafted video, this number can actually become 100%, even in the masses!

See these results posted by Pubcon.com, produced by Fitness Star Emily Skye.

Emily received 18 million video views on one video and it had a 100% completion rate.


2. Facebook Has Insanely Specific Targeting

Facebook is the data king the present day.

If you ever wondered what Facebook does with all of that information you put on it, here is your answer. They use it for targeting insanely specific ads that they sell to advertisers.

And becoming an advertiser on Facebook is easy. Literally just sign up.

Below is an example I just threw together, but in seconds I was targeting a specific crowd that could garner high-quality results.

  • speaks English OR Portuguese OR Tajik
  • in San Francisco
  • aged 18-22
  • a college grad
  • has an anniversary coming up
  • likes drawing
  • cares about the environment
  • drives a Hybrid

It's a pretty strange audience I concocted and I have no clue why would you want to target these people, but you would reach about 2,000-5,200 of them a day!

To further emphasize this point, Dennis Yu shared how he uses Facebook to make sure he is receiving customer support by big brands if they screw something up.

For example; Dennis had had a poor experience with a travel company, they weren't helping him out as he had hoped and so he took to Facebook. He recorded a video and uploaded it into the Facebook Ads Manager.

Once there, he set the targeting parameters to be so specific, the video only appeared to people who worked at that company.

This travel company totally freaked out when they saw the video. They just saw it on Facebook and thought the whole world had seen it!

3. Facebook Ads are Crazy Cheap

This is where Gary Vaynerchuk really drives home his point. Gary runs a media agency that works with lots of big brands. He explains that they just haven't bought into video ads like they should and this is what keeps the pricing so low.

Since Facebook is essentially bidding for people's time, the fewer people use it, the cheaper it will be. The more competition there is, the higher the price.

Gary explains that because big brands are so traditional they are still putting billions a year into television and radio. He explains that once these big guys switch, it's over!

Imagine a Proctor & Gamble giving orders for all money to be put into Facebook Ads. That's BILLIONS of dollars going straight into the competitive pool.

You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity while it is on the table.

I am sure you are wondering, though, how cheap are the ads?


To reference our friends at Pubnub.com again, Emily Skye was not a one hit wonder.

On another video, Emily had 1.6 million views at the cost of $.0005 a view.

Yes, this is for real!

While you shouldn't expect $0.005 cost per view on every video, it has been shown to be pretty standard to score somewhere around 1,000 reach for just a few bucks.

4. You Can Use Any Camera

The last and most valuable piece to pick up here is to recognize the barriers to entry and how insanely low they are. 

Experts are pushing this tool because it is so powerful with raising awareness. Many stars like Tai Lopez made their famous videos and grew their following with just an iPhone camera.

You can do the same thing. Pick up your camera and just start recording.

I took my own advice on this one and started recording some one-off videos of my own.

They may be coming to a news feed near you. :-)


Funny enough, it's literally just me in a hoodie. But that's what is working these days.

Authentic, powerful and raw.

How else would you explain Snapchat?

Dennis and Gary have built their brands with tools like Facebook Video.

Give yourself a push, film a crazy video & put $20 behind it on Facebook. 

See what happens. There is a popular hashtag in the photography industry to encourage people to get out there and just do it. The hashtag is #JustGoShoot

And that is what I leave you with. Get out there and just go shoot!

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