To See the World Differently, You Must First Traverse Hell

To See the World Differently, You Must First Traverse Hell

It seems like every great innovator sees the world differently. Steve Jobs to Gandhi to MLK to Henry Ford and on. The media lauds them as visionaries, high and mighty.

Truly, though, being a visionary is something else. Seeing the world differently is an entirely different being. But just like any other platitude to the world, it doesn't make any sense. Thinking different sounds has an equal effect on us as hearing "be happy," and that effect is none.

These platitudes get thrown at us our entire life with no context. It's the same thing as someone telling us to have a nice day.

We are just like "yeah okay whatever"

But today, I want to give you a view into the specifics of what "seeing the world differently" looks like. 

When I was young and in college, it didn't make sense to me to triple down on a career if I wasn't certain it was what I actually liked. And it definitely didn't make sense to me to learn the ephemeral trades of the day when I could learn the timeless principles that apply in all facets of life.

Over the course of three years, I have studied the basics of physics, psychology, neuroscience, biology, chemistry, religion and history.

In other words, I have looked at the things that make things.

I definitely don't have all the answers, and I am certainly not claiming to be a Gandhi, but I am seeing shit that I could never have imagined.

Unfortunately, it is kind of dark. It's not fluffy and fun.

However, it's worth knowing. I feel like I have deconstructed the world, my ego, and society which has left me with a blank canvas at the age of 23, able to build whatever the fuck I want on top of it.

After being inspired to write this out on Quora when I was asked to write about the dark lessons life has taught me.

So most of this is framed in darkness.

But for the sake of learning, this should be a benchmark of deconstructing your mind to see the world differently. 

This is a legitimate warning:

This post will make you think differently, for better or for worse.

To begin, we are animals. Heathens from the jungle, dressed up in suits in little towers. That's not even a realization. I knew that. You knew that. Not news. But this sets the context.

(side note: you've heard we are animals, but until you truly read about our cave man days, you won't feel it, and that's the same with all of this stuff until you feel it, you won't get it)

The real dark shit is that everything you believe in is fake and made up.

I know everyone says that, but until you truly see it, it doesn’t bother you and if you’ve seen it, you know.

What’s made up? Everything.

  • It starts with the little things. Things that don’t sound so dark like money and nations. They aren’t real.
  • Show me America, show me India and I will show you a delusional population and a piece of grass. Show me currency and I will show you paper.

Not so horrible, right?

  • Economics and laws are all made up and global poverty is mostly intentional. Morals and ethics are man-made. Yes, even “human rights” are just strong collective opinions that our gooey glob of a brain has made up.
  • Show me where in nature where it says man deserves healthcare and I will hold up a mirror and show you a delusional ape from the jungle.

Getting less fun here, right?

  • There is no meaning to life. We are self-dressed animals on a spinning rock in an infinite vastness of nothing and we can’t even get along to figure out what else exists because we are just animals.

Kind of dark.

  • Your sense of specialness is fake. There are 7 billion people here. You and I are just as dumb and just as smart as the other guys. We make the same errors as the people around us yet our minds are so delusional we cannot even see our own faults. We’ve all heard this before, but think about it, you probably come off as rude and clueless way more than you think, you just don’t see it.

More dark.

  • Happiness is based on the chemistry of your brain. Some people are just screwed, born with low serotonin levels and are physically incapable of being happy and everything you’ve read about that is mostly fluff and wrong.

Super dark.

  • Our brain creates the world around us. If you tell yourself you can’t break a bad habit, then you won’t. This is the stereotypical motivation crap the personal branding goblins spew online, but legitimately, think on this:
  • Next time you are sad that you can’t stop eating fatty foods, just know, the only reason you can’t is because you think you can’t.
  • THEN, remind yourself, it’s all in your mind and that despite being aware you have full control of stopping, you have for years STILL lacked the ability to change, ultimately making you consciously aware that you don’t have power over your mind.

And that’s just depressing.

but wait.

there’s more.

  • Your emotions, thoughts, memories and everything you experience can be simplified to little pieces of flabby matter in the brain shooting electricity in circles.
  • That smell of warm pizza? Yeah, that’s just a neuron in your brain being tickled. If I took a long enough needle and zapped that same neuron you would smell pizza.
  • Nope. Not pizza. Delusional animal again.

Super dark.

  • We aren’t even animals. Animals is a sound we made to represent the living things around us. In the origins of the world, nothing has a name, nothing has an identity. Cats are just things that lounge and whine all day. And they aren’t even cats, we just call them cats. In other words, we aren’t even things.

We named ourselves.

In conclusion:

We are a self-named, self-dressed animal that can’t work together but have such a sense of superiority that we slaughter all of the animals around us to serve our personal needs which aren’t even needs but we still crave more because we are animals from the jungle trying to survive and have created a world built on sadness to drive solace in material items so we make more stuff which is ultimately sending us spiraling into ecological doom that we’ll never stop because we are animals with egos that can’t work together.

So knowing this, how do I wake up every morning?

Well, it’s not all so bad.

A lot of these things are fake and man made. So what. They work, kind of. And if you look at humans over the span of 200,000 years, we are doing okay.

Life is a work in progress and it shouldn’t be measured on the now, but where we’ve been and where we are going.

Despite what I wrote, I am an optimist.

We are a thriving civilization. Technology and information are helping us work together at levels never seen before.

We are living in the most peaceful time in the history of time.

We are editing our own DNA.

We are a fucking animal who has literally been able to discover the code that makes us exist and change it.

Imagine a cat doing that

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