The Ultimate Purpose of Andrew; and of Man.

The Ultimate Purpose of Andrew; and of Man.

For quite a long while I have been on a quest to fully understand and articulate who I am, and what I want to do.

For some reason, people thought I had it figured out.

I face the unfortunate reality that somewhere along the way of growing up I adopted, and have placed an expectation, that for life to be fruitful I must be working on my "passion," always.

It's the most millennial thing ever, I know, but whatever.

Within my mind, I've conceived that I may conquer any ‘how’ with a powerful ‘why.’ In other words, with the right purpose, I may withstand any amount of grueling suffrage and grind to bring it to life. 

However, conversely, I now find myself unfit to conquer the simplest of tasks with the appropriate ‘why.’

Thanks. Simon Sinek. 

This is both a blessing and an affliction as seemingly simple and mundane tasks cannot keep my attention yet, those same tasks with the appropriate ‘why’ conquer my attention for 20 hours a day.

It’s been quite a long process. Years of reflecting, iterating and dealing with phases of new identities, I have slowly chipped away to determine the ultimate understanding of who I am.

One benefit of having been in pursuit of this for so long is that I now know there is no single answer, things change with new information.

Simply put, the best thing a man can do is put together a short excerpt of who he is and what he wants to do in present moment and believe in it wholly.

With that in mind, he may go into the world with purpose and direction.

After years of thought and tinkering, this is who I am.


I like to study the psychology of people, civilizations and culture, alongside the system design of the planet and the universe to predict human and environmental behavior.

Along the way, I tell the story of what I discover through writing, photography and video with the ultimate goal of driving change in human behavior to create the best collective version of our persons and our species as a whole.


It’s a mouthful.

What does it even mean?

It begins with this inexplicable desire to become the greatest possible version of myself maximizing the core pillars of my life. To be infinitely balanced within the mind, the body, the career and our tribe. My greatest of role models have always been men or women who resembled polymaths. I wasn't familiar with the term until recently, but in short it means; "the universal man.”

The ideology of a polymath was the soil and fertilizer to the Renaissance. The term Renaissance Man is in reference to a man of noble stature who is likely to be a master of many trades. Often, these were men skilled in philosophy, mathematics, poetry, theatre, music, art, history, physics, romance, athletics and likely were also bi-lingual.

Leonardo da Vinci is the most extreme of examples.

Not only were they skilled, but humble, impactful and deeply believed in Humanism, a belief that lies deeply within doing the most good for humanity.

Before ever knowing of these ideologies, this is what I desired and the type of person who always inspired me.

You know -- that one family friend you have who is in shape, has beautiful stories of travel, success and meaning?

That is who has captured my attention, always.

For me, I want to be a man of empathy, patience and love. Warmth and generosity. A man well-read and aware of the DNA to the universe, it’s trends and it’s universal workings as applied to people. To be intellectually thirsty. Crafty. A man who is the shepherd to emotion, a man who controls his destiny and is the weaver of his world. A man who has felt the beauties of life, sciences, art and exploration. A mind free of anxiety, a world free of depression. A world where suffering is welcomed with courage. A world where man is the artist. A world where man is the architect to his wishes.

This is the world I want to live in. This is the man I believe the world needs more of. The man who is living so fruitfully, you find his warmth friendly and his charisma inspiring. He changes the behavior of those around him not through pressure or word, but by his calculated and immense presence, his wondrous mind and stories that captivate.

What a beautiful life to live.

For this is the man I desire to be, I've too found that I don't want to be alone. What a beautiful life this sounds like, I've always since found meaning in delivering this not just for myself, but for all of man.

This quest truly took flame when I made my fantastic transition from being overweight and intimidated by the world, rather, to a man who courage and conquest.

I am, however, faced with deep sadness as I trod through my days. Sadness, despair, cruelty and manipulation rules about. Men scream in anger on the streets. Elevator doors are not held. Thank yous are not said. Hate is spread. Theft, jealousy and misconduct is prominent. Envy and hate permeates man and woman.

This saddens me as life is beautiful and all of man should be free to experience these beauties.

This then, is where my motivations meet their expansive nature.

Helping all of man reach blissful, effective living.

As I journey through life on my own journey, engaging deeply within my own passions of the world, I wish to inspire a select group of individuals through capturing and crystallizing the stories I stumble upon.

This is why I mention in the above quote, that photography, writing and video, among other outlets, are my scepters of storytelling. As I journey about and embrace the beauties of the planet and learn of its deep knowledge, I am able to share with others my findings.

These tools of tale telling are power. They invoke emotions and feelings within man that change the direction of their days.

Through the telling of my trials and tribulations, I am able to relate with other man on common woeful periods of life and display reasons for optimism and hope. Further I am able to share my anecdotal victories, leaving behind schematics and treasure maps to my findings.

These are my selfish opportunities to spread the seeds of beauty from culture to culture, around the world. I am the bee of beauty, pollinating the earth.

Reviewing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we find the stories I aspire to share to be capable of behavior changing to the man within the core three segments of the pyramid; Safety, Love/Belonging and Esteem.

These are the men who live in curiosity of what could be, they have their essentials. My relatability lends an arm to them as a resource and stepping stool for new thought.

It is easy for these men who have their physiological needs and safety needs taken care of. These men have comfort, and in comfort that are capable of dreaming up their own wonderful journey.

Ultimately, my hope is that my great discoveries and stunning experiences inspire the man of Love to strive for Esteem and my detailed anecdotal schematics of my life happenings help the man of Esteem reach Self-Actualization.

Self-Actualization is the man I wish to be, and wish of others to be. It seems to be the most epic of journeys to this place, to become the man of humble bliss with a fervent intensity to do the most good for the welfare of our species.

Be us all the self-actualized polymath.

Unfortunately, however, all is not so simple. For if all of man had safety and their basic physiological needs satisfied, achieving Self-Actualization for many would be no stress.

This is not the case as not all of man has the momentary ease to appreciate even the simplest of beauties. Nonetheless anything I have to share from writing, photography or video.

This is where my study of man’s mind, the environment, the planet, the universe and their systems develop into more than mere selfish curiosities, but rather deeply actionable tasks.

Reflecting back upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we see that much of man lacks just their most basic of needs outlined upon Physiological and Safety. Men around the world starve and much of the world lacks safety.

Rightfully so, these are the types of man who may not have the momentary pleasure to experience the beauties to life as they frequently must be on the endless quest of survival, the all ending purpose. A man backed against the wall for survival bares no freedom to lend patience or care to understand the other, as he seeks food for tomorrow.

Man in pursuit of survival is animalistic, seeks for self and tribe.

None other.

What then we must acknowledge is that much of man needs their core resources before we may ever hope to reach Self-Actualization at mass.

Through the studying of civilizations and persons, we are able to draw insights into how best to increase the physiological welfare and safety of all man. From these studies, we may draw upon the lack of safety most always being derived from the lack of physiological resources.

Lacking essentials creates within a man poor conditions for any type of growth. Children are raised defensive and animalistic when straining for survival.

This then leads us to the ultimate goal of increasing the availability to all of the most core physiological resources to man.

Enabling the most resources to the most people will increase within those men a confidence of survival.

When man has confidence of survival, a satiation of their physiological needs, then we will begin to find a direct correlation to increased levels of safety.

When most of man achieves great universal levels of perceived safety, creativity and hope cultivates and flourishes, and ultimately, more of man engaging with the beauties of life creating a universal human culture of patience, humility and striking ambition.

This then means our ultimate goal is to optimize our resources.

To identify opportunities to optimize resources in ways resources have never been optimized before, the studying and learning of all core worldly principles will be essential.

Learning from cultures to understand the circulation of resources will be critical. As will be understanding the circulation of resources within the animal kingdom and plant kingdom. Studying ecosystems. Studying the physics of the world and its core laws. Studying the universe and it’s giving nature to the planets and neighboring solar systems. Studying our biology and the sciences of our brain.

In other words -- we must deeply study the intricate designs woven into the various compartments of our universe to identify unique systems that exist within all things.

Within the universe are hidden truths, that when uncovered, will give us knowledge to do things we never thought possible.

With the grandest of insights, we may identify opportunities to maximize physiological resources to much of man, ultimately driving the masses deep into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Having much of man Self-Actualized is not just a picturesque pleasant goal, but actually vastly effective. The self-actualized is the most effective of humans we have on the planet for their knowledge, curiosity, awareness and intensity, they move mountains.

Driving all of humanity to Self-Actualization within one lifetime is certainly not a reasonable goal, but to achieve a near universal level of self-actualization may a hopeful goal for the existence of time.

Therefore, my deepest passions and goals are to review our world and the fragmented systems in the most immense of ways to identify unique blue ocean opportunities that lie before us that allow us to maximize our physiological resources.

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