The Experts and Their World-Class Morning Routine

The Experts and Their World-Class Morning Routine

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Morning routines of the world’s most successful people have been studied time and time again as if it is the secret blueprint to all wealth and happiness one could ever want. While those are high shooting ambitions, it can certainly be attributed that morning routines have an insanely high impact on our functionality throughout the day. Starting the day off right, whatever that may be for you is going to be the difference between yelling in traffic or dancing to the new Beyonce jam playing on the radio.

I am not one to know, but I can imagine even Beyonce has a systematic approach to her mornings.

Morning routines have been highlighted for good reason. With a simple search on Google, tips and tricks can be found all across the web. Unfortunately, they are tips and tricks for someone else, and it leaves you wondering what works for you, testing various strategies and ultimately going back to the alarm hammering mornings we know so well from Hollywood movies.

There is indeed one takeaway worth capturing, though; a universal trait. Something applicable to the stars, the hard working college student, or anyone, really. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do in the morning, or what you do in the day. This is the one thing that is present in the lives of everyone kicking butt in their day.

They start the day in control.

There is no perfect habit, as each individual has a different makeup, different sciences, and different experiences that have shaped us.

We all know this. This is nothing new.

So how do you find what might work for you?

We have established that the world’s most successful leaders start each day in control. But for those who are curious, this is because to start the day in a hurry or on your phone is on another person’s terms. Reading a text, flipping through sports, being late, or starting rushed means all of your first movements are at someone else’s beck and call. Your mind is not calm, and you have hardly laid a foundation for yourself.

We can all try to be Superman or Superwoman, but nobody is the exception. Protect your morning; fight the notifications or the urge to sleep late.

Based on research from some of the world’s top leaders, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Ferriss, Ezra Klein, and much more, these are the seven most critical items you can add to your morning routine.

The 7 Most Critical Morning Routine Items;

  1. Wake up early

    1. World leaders say it helps you accomplish what you want before the world gets going. There is always a distraction in the evening, but you can own your morning.

  2. Sleep with your phone on airplane mode

    1. Texts, news alerts, sports updates, and emails are draining and start your day on someone else’s time. Shutting things off lets you be in control of your day.

  3. Meditation

    1. Many executives cannot go without meditation as it grants focus, control, and poise for the entire day.

  4. Read

    1. The morning is when we are most focused. Executives everywhere see this as their chance to hone in and always continue growing.

  5. Gym

    1. Going to the gym releases endorphins and keeps you healthy guaranteeing a good start to the day.

  6. Cold showers

    1. Experts say this is chilling experience will start your day feeling like a champion. Additionally, there are over 10+ benefits to going cold.

  7. Write

    1. Authors and influencers say this is their only time to capture their purest thoughts of the day.

If you are curious how you can fit all of this in before work at 9:00 AM, check out this sample schedule we have put together.

The times are rough suggestions, but give it a try!

  • 6:00 - 6:15: Wake up and eat fruit

  • 6:15 - 7:00: Write

  • 7:00 - 7:10: Meditate

  • 7:15 - 7:25: Run to the gym

  • 7:25 - 8:10: Read while riding the bike at the gym

  • 8:10 - 8:15: Stretch

  • 8:15 - 8:25: Run home

  • 8:25 - 8:35: Breakfast

  • 8:35 - 8:45: Cold shower

  • 8:45 – 9:00: Get Dressed go to work

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