Investigating Neurotechnology at xTech 2016 in San Francisco

Investigating Neurotechnology at xTech 2016 in San Francisco

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This past week I enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of attending the Neurogaming and Experiential Technology Conference hosted by Jazz Venture Partners in San Francisco.

The conference is based around presenting advances in the field of those who use neuroscience and technology to unlock human potential through many facets.

Devices that range from augmented reality and virtual reality to EEG and ECG could be found breaking barriers in endless ways. These powerful devices enabled parts of brain to break mental and physical barriers. Results could range from peak athletic performance, digital therapeutics, accelerated learning, meditation and neurogaming.

xTech, as the event has been coined, is one of the few times in life you will find a neuroscientist, computer engineer, NFL football player, venture capitalist and an entrepreneur all passionately engaged in discussion.

Here are my notable finds from the expo;

1. The Halo Sport, by Halo Neuroscience, is a set of headphones that uses neuropriming to allow the user to maximize their gains during a workout.

2. The EMOTIV Epoch+, by EMOTIV, is a 14-channel mobile EEG used for contextualized scientific research grade results.

3. Muse Headband, by InteraXon, Inc., is a headband that tracks and understands the electrical activity in your brain, adjusting music to match your mood empowering a user to better meditation.

**Special Keynote Reveal** 

Speaker Dr. David Eagleman of Baylor University shocked the crowd with his advances that smelt of a sci-fi future in the industry. Eagleman discussed his new-to-world device, a vest that transmutes sound waves into electrical impulses that may be encoded to teach language. Eagleman hopes to fulfill orders in the next year through a soft-launch enabling deaf 


As many people know, I am a firm believer that the age of neurotechnology is upon us. Within five to ten years, non-invasive devices will be enabling and unlocking the full potential of our brain.

The neurotech revolution is upon us.

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