Graduating and Traveling to San Francisco: 101

Graduating and Traveling to San Francisco: 101

Following my graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University on May 14th, I left no time to waste and made way to San Francisco. As an aspiring entrepreneur and neurotech pioneer, there was really no where else for me to get nerdy.

I spent eight days in San Francisco and stayed in three hostels. The Green Tortoise (absolutely amazing), Pacific Tradewinds and a hacker house in Palo Alto. If you are traveling, stay in a hostel. I had never done this and was a little unsure of it, but it's totally the right move. You save time, make friends and they have resources a hotel will not.

In my time in San Francisco I became a networking machine. The city has no limits. Besides the fact that I was in conferences for three days (xTech 2016)(The Startup Conference) I was able to secure some powerful relationships. Even Uber drivers & passengers are likely to be people working just as hard as you, and thanks to the crappy San Francisco traffic, there is plenty of time to make friends.

As one driver told me,

An UBER ride is like an elevator pitch on steroids. - UBER Driver (whose card I have)

Beyond the insane level of networking in the city, I took to the streets over the weekend and thoroughly explored the area. I hit Hawk Hill, the Golden Gate, Twin Peaks, the Wharf, the Financial District, the Mission District, AT&T Park, Chinatown and more.

What I learned exploring San Francisco on foot;

1. There are homeless people everywhere and it's incredibly heart wrenching because they truly lack necessities.

2. Hills. I have confirmed the rumors.

3. The value of the city is on the inside of the buildings and people.

The last bullet is a bit ambiguous and here's what I mean. If you walk around and look at the city, it's pretty much just like any other city. It is bustling and a little dirty. The magic of San Francisco you discover is on the inside of the buildings and the people. The design of the startup offices are meticulous and built with care. The people on the streets are mindful and engaged to their surroundings. But to learn of these amazing experiences, you must engage with the people!

My advice to anyone reading;

If you want to do it, do it. If you want to live in San Francisco, pack your bags and do it. Being young our baggage is limited, these are the prime years of our life to engage with the world.

Your time is limited.

And be sure to hit me up for lunch when you move in!

Attached are some photos!

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Investigating Neurotechnology at xTech 2016 in San Francisco

Investigating Neurotechnology at xTech 2016 in San Francisco