What an Urban Hike in Richmond, VA looks like (with pictures!)

This past Saturday I aimed to take myself on a nice bike ride through the city of Richmond but found my bike rental location was out of rentals. The man at the desk suggested I take the bus a few miles across the city to another location for adventure item rentals. It was a nice day, 80 degrees or so, so I started walking.

I had my nifty Nikon camera (actually not mine but still) and begin to embrace the city. Richmond is branded as the most creative city in the state of Virginia and is growing as a hub for national creativity. Within this humble metropolis resides the Richmond Mural Project, the Brandcenter and rugged beards claiming the facial real estate of men on every block. I took advantage of Richmond and began cataloging my journey to reach the other bike shop.

Coincidentally, the overwhelming joy I felt as I journeyed through these urban streets led me to walk right on by the bike shop. I carried on past the bike shop to the famous Libby Hill, over to Rockett's Landing and even over to the Old Fulton Gas Works.

What had started originally as a bit of a disappointment led to an incredible 10 mile hike through the city. I am happy to have had the experience. Below are some of the finest shots I had on my walk.

If you are a Richmondite and are interested in joining me on a Saturday morning hike, I encourage you to reach out!


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