The Turning of a New Stone - Andrew's Photography

Up until this point, all photography on my website has been severely lowered in quality by my massive, hulking watermarks. While it serves an honorable role in the protection of my property, it disrupts the purpose of photography, the purpose of why photos are taken and why I upload them. I take pictures not for myself, but to capture a moment that can inspire others.

My interests in photography have been driven by those micro-moments in which your audience will pause for - just a second  - and you can see the gears in their mind spinning and their eyes fixate as they gaze upon your work. It's these tiny emotions that excite me and I believe my watermark create a barrier for that.

Being inspired by other photographers and their commitment to the roots of photography, I have decided to shift the way I watermark my work. My photos from this point moving forward will have a small mark in the corner of the photo. It is not only empowering for the art again but also my community.

Here's one of my latest pictures I captured leaving class. Check out the rest of my gallery in the Photography section above.

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