The Latest and Greatest Adobe Illustrator Creations (thanks Deke!)

Wah-lah!! As we reach the middle of my final semester here at VCU, I have not wavered in my commitment to learning Adobe Illustrator. I must say it is getting difficult to keep up with all of the new tools I am learning to use, balancing midterms and the starting of a few companies.

This is my most recent creation that I built following along in the class for Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals on I am really testing myself here moving forward, however. In the coming weeks I will be a founding member (one of two) of Robinhood Property Solutions LLC, a real estate investment company here out of Richmond. I will be leading all of our Marketing/Advertising of which means two things. I am responsible for the logo/name/branding. Secondly, we are a small company trying to be smart with our resources, so I will be using my new skills to design our logo. It's absolutely thrilling but I must admit I am rewatching Deke McClelland's videos over and over to implement these skill independent of the class.

Stay tuned for the virtual popcorn, I am licensing the best of the best for my members!

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