The Unseen Benefits of a Fierce Critic & a Positive Attitude

As just about any individual can hypothesize, having a critic of you, your ideas or actions is never something you would think one would revel in, but sometimes there are always those odd balls. I can personally think back to the literally innumerable times that my mother will have been a critic of some sort of behavior or action of mine. These times I certainly did not revel, however, that was ultimately positive feedback with good intentions that has helped me grow.

We all know the type of fierce feedback I am talking about though, the type of feedback that may not always have good intentions. It may not have bad intentions, but it may be a careless, nonchalant expression of a friend or mentor that sometimes can leave someone devastated.

I write this because today I experienced that type of feedback but in the most bizarre turns of events, I have, in away, found pleasure from the fierce comments. I am always someone looking to learn and gain insights from any feedback whether positive or negative, but in this instance, I have truly just become excited and motivated. 

To keep things brief, today I gave a mock pitch to my venture group for a business I have been investigating. I was thrilled with my work and afterwards I stayed by to speak with one of our leading mentors who quite casually chuckled as she mentioned I should just drop the idea and join another team, then walked away questioning millennials and our decision making. 

After making it through the initial confusion of her blunt comment I felt as though she had brought me a type of validation of entrepreneurial adversity. As we all know many of the greatest entrepreneurs have faced fierce critics in some of their most monumental ideas, but they believed and carried on.

With that said this is certainly no measure of actual success, there are still plenty of customers to interview, numbers to crunch and relationships to build. I will try to learn from the comments I received, use it as fuel and carry on.

Here's to all of those entrepreneurs out there fighting for there ideas.

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