Last Week I Learned to Stop Telling People I Can Learn. And to Just Go Learn.

Last week I began learning Adobe Illustrator. I have completed 2/14 Chapters with my class on Lynda hosted by Deke McClelland. It is one of the most thrilling times of my life, in an honest admission.


I have for years told myself I had the capabilities to create amazing things through the Adobe Suite (and all other creative platforms). Since I was a kid, I have designed logos, t-shirts, business cards, fliers and more on makeshift programs. I am what they call a maven of Microsoft Paint. And that's a horrifying thought. I always pictured myself to be a right brain kid, who understood left brain folk. However, as an individual with aspirations of leading teams and building companies from "Start to Forever", I chose Marketing which left little room to embrace my right brain. I found a wonderful mixture of right/left brain in the VCU da Vinci program, leveraging my interests to build products and Startups (leading to my first patent and company filing).

Except, I still wasn't learning the Adobe Creative Suite.

I have been applying to jobs with claims that I would do it all. I would learn Suite if they gave the command. If they said April, I'd know it by March. I promised no sleep, lots of Redbull, even more coffee but great leaps in my Creative Suite abilities. Which is very true. I would learned it. And I would be good at it. But all of this was only if they told me to go learn it.

But why wait?

Why wait for the O.K. to pursue something that has clearly been an underlying passion? As someone who has always placed themselves as an untapped mastermind of the creative world, why am I not learning now, on my own terms?

So I did. I started. It's awesome. I have only learned how to make Artboards  and a lot of tools associated with Artboards, but there are exciting and more colorful lessons soon to come. With my dedication to this I have built in time on my schedule for Illustrator and Illustrator only. It will put me on pace to have fully operational skills of Illustrator by March.

And the best part? I will have work to show recruiters. I won't be making claims I will learn it, instead, I will have learned it. Plus I'll be proficient in Adobe Illustrator, and that's cool too. I will have the freedom to build whatever I want. Whenever I want. Adding an essential piece to my entrepreneurship toolbox.


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