Introducing... Andrew's Illustrations: Part 1

Where it all began...

Weeks ago when I first discovered the awareness to stop telling people I could learn and to just go learn, I started with Adobe Illustrator. 

For this first project I have been using and the tutorials hosted by Deke McClelland (Thanks VCU). Deke is a master of communication and an expert teacher. His ability to articulate every step is flawless which is amplified by his emphasis on reinforcing previously taught tricks and lessons. Learning Adobe Illustrator has found itself to be challenging at times but with Deke's investment towards a seamless step by step process has made it more doable than ever. 

This image (while made following a step-by-step) marks my first step into a balanced C:P equation in the realm of design. I have been consuming hours of content as I learn the functions on Adobe, but it is all fruitless without implementation. My focused consumption has enabled my ability to produce physical results. I am only on chapters 6/15 in Deke's lesson plan, but I am excited to see as my Illustrator abilities continue to grow. 

I have stayed consistent with my schedule of four hours a week on Adobe Illustrator. With my hands in so many pots, it is essential I stay committed to my schedule, or else one missed day could lead to a lapse in learning as my new skills leave my working memory.

Stay tuned for more Illustrator updates!

Signed AF

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