Applying to TEDxRVA - The Consumption:Production Ratio

To my passionate readers,

I just recently submitted my application to Richmond TEDx talk coming up on April 8th. I have always found excitement from the TED series. New ideas and new perspectives are essential to the growth of any individual and having the opportunity to involve myself was an absolute must this year.  While my acceptance is still pending, the process of writing a 15 minute speech in itself was astounding. I deeply investigated consumption and production, and in sharing my ideas with peers have learned more on this topic than I ever expected. I am so thrilled for this years talk both as a speaker and as a listener.

In my speech I present a talk focused on discovering the often over-looked pockets of time the average person misuses. I plan to discuss how holding oneself accountable through inspecting personal consumption and production, an individual can begin to build their goals. The C/P ratio presents a new angle of jump starting a consumer society towards producing. The talk will present the average day of a nine to five worker, referencing key pockets of time that are misused by engaging with the world of distractions we live in. Through a comparison of a producer’s day, the audience will learn how a ratio weighing heavily towards production can jump start their creative powers. Empowering them to go out and build.

Here below you can check out the lightning pitch of my speech that I submitted directly to the TEDx team through YouTube. 

TEDx Richmond is still accepting applications for speakers. If you have an idea that is ARTFUL and thoughtful, apply here. The world is teeming full of eager listeners and individuals who want to learn. Stop thinking about how great of a talk you would give and give that talk.

Tickets are on sale now. Get your tickets for the April 8th show now.

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