Dear impassioned readers,

Do not worry. There is more work on the way. However, I did want to share an update in regards to the joy I have felt in creating a blog. The freedom and liberty to write about whatever and write about it whenever is simply enthralling.

It's not only a pleasure to be embodying the life of a self-starter I have so passionately claimed, but this is also fueling the furnace of entrepreneurship within me.  I enjoy the comparison of how I could spend my time in an internship versus what I am doing now. One provides structured learning, one provides, well, whatever you make of it. Interestingly enough, by applying my time productively, I am gaining the same experience, if not better. I might not have a cool title on my resume, but I sure am learning a lot. At the end of the day, if you have the discipline to sit down and hustle for yourself, then answer this question for me,

"Why would you write a blog about someone else's dream when you could write about your own?"

The best part is, not only do my own blogs thrill me, but they thrill those close to me. I am creating new to world content. Not forced propaganda by another one of those overbearing apps from some kid out of UVA.

The only propaganda here is that I think you should be your own boss.

That's all for today. Unless my spontaneity decides otherwise.

Legislative Reception at VA Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Getting Rejected From The Perfect Job… Twice

Getting Rejected From The Perfect Job… Twice