I share my adventures, failures and greatest discoveries here. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll probably think I am nuts.

I write because everything hasn't been said.

The world is full of flaws and silly structures. Our societies, our cars and our systems fascinate and fumble. I love the flaws. They give me something to do. I love the people, they're so crazy.

I'm humbled by Walt Whitman's quote. You can see it in the footer of the website.

We are so tiny. But we have a role to play.

The show won't be the same without us.

What's my role?

Me at 16. I was tall and had totally mastered wearing big shirts.

Me at 16. I was tall and had totally mastered wearing big shirts.

When I was 16, I weighed 300 lbs and every report card in school had a note about how shy I was. By my Senior year I had lost 100 lbs and trained myself to be a confident person.

By 19,  I was leading organizations in college but lost myself. I once again had to redefine myself as I had let myself get lost in a culture of validation after having been overweight and insignificant for so so long.

At 23, I moved to San Francisco with no job and no house from a school no one has heard of to try and do something impactful.

After landing a job in 3 months, I spiraled into a 7 month depression? I don't know what it was. But it was 7 months and it was a really intense experience. I experienced ego-death to the fullest extent. I grew my mind massively.

Today, I work harder than ever to play role a member of the human community.

My life is defined by creating systems that increase collaboration, reduce conflict and increase productivity.

My belief is that all of these things begin in the mind. This can be done by first reducing feelings of scarcity through UBI. Second by driving the growth of executive functions for higher emotional intelligence in education. Lastly, upgrading our operating system with neuroscience.

I am good at making noise. My craft is writing, photo, video, and events.